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National Parks Traveler Podcast

May 7, 2023

National parks are not alone in grappling with crowds. Many gateway communities surrounding our national parks are notable for their own amazing offerings -- natural beauty with tranquil spots for solitude and reflection…and nice venues for dining, listening to live music and pursuing year-round outdoor recreational and leisure activities.  But when the management of visitation in these areas is unchecked, and the very resources that make these places highly desirable destinations are strained, can anything really be done?
The community of Jackson, Wyoming, hopes so.  Recognizing that residents, business owners and visitors all share in the responsibility of preserving the area’s unique character and allure, stakeholders throughout Teton County have put together a comprehensive sustainable destination management plan. The goal is to protect the beauty of the area, preserve a healthy environment and, at the same time, enhance visitor experience, business growth and quality of life for residents.
This week the Traveler’s Lynn Riddick talks with Crista Valentino of the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board to find out what’s in the plan and how it will help.